The rice concerning Sushi has a completely special meaning and therefore its preparation, too. The well-done Sushi rice should be sticking easily so that you can form small bites that do not fall apart immediately. On the other hand, the rice should melt in one's mouth without having to be crushed, or worse, bitten to pieces.

The best way to reach this is to prepare Sushi rice traditionally: We steam the rice, blend it afterwards with spiced vinegar and cool it down as fast as possible to body temperature.

Begin about one hour before you want to cook the rice with washing it. Put cold water in a bowl and add the rice. By stirring, any residues come off the rice corns. Pour off the clouded water and replace it with fresh water. Repeat this procedure until the water comes clear. Subsequently, pour off the water and let drain and rest the rice at least half an hour.

Now we need a pot with a tight-fitting lid. Put the washed rice together with water and a Kombu-stripe in the pot and bring it with closed lid to the boil over a medium heat. For one cup of rice use about one and one fifth cup of water. Remove the seaweed just before the boiling point. As soon as the rice is cooking, let simmer and steam the rice for about 10 minutes. During the whole procedure you should not lift the lid of the pot.

Meanwhile you can prepare the spiced vinegar. A good basis for spiced vinegar is the following recipe. It is sufficient for approximately five cups uncooked rice.

 Spiced vinegar
8 tablespoons rice vinegar
4 tablespoons sugar
(only half of it for Nigiri-zushi)
1 teaspoon salt
Stir all ingredients as long as salt and sugar have dissolved. To adapt the spiced vinegar to your own taste, it is best to change the amount of sugar.

When the rice was steaming for about 10 minutes, take the pot and leave the rice untouched for another 10 minutes, still with closed cover, without heat.

The rice is ready after 25 minutes altogether and should be mixed with the spiced vinegar immediately. Therefore fill the cooked rice into a flat wooden bowl. Add the prepared spiced vinegar and blend with a wooden spatula.

In order to obtain the cooling of the rice as fast as possible you need to cool it with a fan during seasoning.

May 21, 2009