Classic Sushi


This Maki-zushi was given its name from small, gracile water goblins of Japanese mythology. Their favorite meal is cucumber. The goblins normally live in water. A conical depression in the head makes it possible for them to haunt ashore, as long as the depression is filled with water (therefore a good tip: Bow to an attacking Kappa. Thinking of formal traditions, he might also bow to you and lose the water out of the depression in his head).

The roll with cucumber is also ideal for vegetarians.

 Kappa-Maki (for 4 rolls)
2 seaweed sheets
1 portion Sushi rice
½ cucumber
Roast the seaweed sheets briefly on one side. Peel and core the cucumber, cut it in strips. Cover it with salt and leave alone some minutes. Then rinse off to get rid of the surplus liquidity. Now make a Maki-roll with the cucumber strips.


Daikon is a light giant radish coming from eastern Asia. If it is dried and pickled in rice bran, you get the in Japan very popular Takuan. The pickled vegetables are then used for these Maki-zushi.

 Shinko-Maki (for 4 rolls)
4 half-sized seaweed sheets
1 portion Sushi rice
10 cm radish
Roast seaweed sheets briefly on one side. Cut radish into strips. Now make a Maki-roll with the radish strips.

Inari-zushi · 稲荷寿司

The fox in Japan is accepted as messenger of Inari, the God of agriculture and harvest. One of the foxes' favorite meals are filled flat cakes of tofu, this is why these Sushi are also called Inari-zushi. You sweeten the cakes and fill it with the Sushi rice. The rice can be mixed as you like with further ingredients like sesame, carrot pieces or mushroom pieces.

 Inari (for 12 pieces)
6 flat cakes of tofu
2 portions Sushi rice
2/3 cup Dashi-stock
3 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons soy sauce
10 cm of carrot
2 Shiitake mushrooms
Put the tofu cakes into a bowl and pour boiling water over it. Leave alone for about 2 minutes. Subsequently, drip off well. Cut through the cake in the middle and pull apart carefully to a bag. Bring Dashi-stock, sugar and soy sauce to the boil and put the tofu bags into it. Let boil at low heat until the liquidity has evaporated. Squeeze the surplus liquidity out of the tofu bags. Cut the carrot and Shiitake mushrooms into fine strips. Salt the carrot strips and knead until they get mellow. Then wash and drip off. Mix the mushroom strips and carrot strips with the rice and fill it into the tofu bags.

May 21, 2009